About This Site

TT-CC 汀汀涔涔

A Simple, Bootstrap Based Jekyll Website.


Install and Setup

Before using it, you may need Bower and Bundler on your local to install dependencies.

  1. Fork code and clone
  2. Run bower install to install all dependencies in bower.json
  3. Run bundle install to install all dependencies in Gemfile
  4. Update _config.yml with your own settings.
  5. Add posts in /_my_categories /_my_tags /_posts
  6. Commit to your own Username.github.io repository.
  7. Then come back to star this resp

How to use

Create a new post

Create a category file named your_category.md inside /_my_categories folder.

Create a tag file named your_tag.md inside /_my_tags folder.

Create a post file name YYYY-MM-DD-your_post_title.md inside _posts.

Name the file according to the standard jekyll format.


Write the Front Matter and content in the file.

layout: post
title: your_post_title
category: your_category
tags: [your_tag1, your_tag2]


The Apache License 2.0

Copyright (c) 2016 TT-CC